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Identify the medical needs of each patient, both pre-surgical and post-surgical, creating respectful care and human warmth that inspires confidence, and leads you to achieve a general physical health WELL-BEING.


Remain within the leadership in the treatment of obesity, caring for and protecting the integrity and health of our patients and of our multidisciplinary team.


Ethics in the day-to-day practice of medicine both in our facilities and in our work environment. Respect for human life and for each of our patients. Commitment to give you the best possible care and follow-up in each of the surgical processes we carry out. Honesty and seriousness of inpatient care. Warmth and understanding inpatient care, with a high human sense, offering empathy to each patient who visits us, in this way we allow ourselves to exceed their expectations of us. Trust and quality in the work we do, reflecting on the comprehensive well-being of our patients. 



This story began 15 years ago Dr. Garcia who had at this time been in practice for  3 years in weight loss surgery started to see how bariatric surgery was changing several patients’ lives and was giving them hope and a healthier lifestyle,   He loved the idea of helping his patients achieve their weight loss goals and certain dreams they had, such as being able to get pregnant being able to have more time and energy to be with their love ones,  this is when Dr. Garcia who was then a General surgeon and was currently specializing in laparoscopic surgery decided to continue his path to helping his patients obtain a healthier lifestyle, he continued his journey and obtained his certification as an bariatric surgeon and specialist robotic surgery.   He became a very well-known surgeon with a very respected reputation in the medical filed.  He has also had the chance to teach bariatric surgery for a few years now as his abilities are very well known and liked in the medical filed. Now that he has 17 years of experience in this filed, he has performed over 5,000, successful surgeries and continues to help and support his patients thru this journey day by day. This is why Dr. Garcia is considered one of the best surgeons in Baja California and our main surgeon of the team. 

We decided to enlarge our team and procedures making an alliance with Dr. Jose Luis Garcia Zepeda our excellent board certified Plastic Surgeon with who is in charge of all the reconstructive procedures of the team. 

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